Blood Sugar Education

If you have blood sugar problems and continue to suffer with ill health related to it, if you are seeing your life basically boil down to a daily struggle just to get through, then you are likely reading this at exactly the right time.

Many people just like you, in Austin, and across the U.S., have said enough. They have decided to take control of their health. They no longer accept that the best thatRead More…

Stress, Hormones, and Health

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Where is my quality of life going? I don’t want to grow old, sick, and fat!”

Many chronic issues develop as a result of our stressful lifestyle and the “dis-ease” that it creates in our bodies. Early signs of chronic health issues manifest themselves as subtle hormoneRead More…

Thyroid Education

Why Do I Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Doctor Tells Me My Lab Tests Are Normal?

Brenda is a 44 year old female who was deeply frustrated and at her wits end trying to find answers regarding her symptoms. She stated that she seemingly fell apart after giving birth to her last child approximately 12 years ago.Read More…

Weight Loss

Are you at your wits end trying to figure out why you can’t lose weight, even with extreme dieting and exercise?

Do you also have other symptoms such as fatigue, sleeping difficulties, carbohydrate cravings and even loss of sexmore