Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Where is my quality of life going? I don’t want to grow old, sick, and fat!”

Many chronic issues develop as a result of our stressful lifestyle and the “dis-ease” that it creates in our bodies. Early signs of chronic health issues manifest themselves as subtle hormone imbalances.

These imbalances can affect your sleep cycles, food cravings, and fat burning.


Weight gain is a symptom. Let us help you identify the cause for true and lasting results.


Weight gain is a symptom. Let us help you itentify the cause for true and lasting results.

Ask about our FREE seminars hosted twice monthly from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm here at the clinic. Topics include weight loss, detox, and other preventative approaches to healthcare.

The TrueCare Weight Loss System

Our system is a medically supervised program consisting of a dynamic combination of diet based upon YOUR nutritional type, functional testing, acupuncture to reduce food cravings and suppress appetite, natural supplements, weekly supportive tracking / counseling and patient education. We are dedicated to not only helping you lose weight quickly, safely and sensibly, but most importantly, we are committed to helping you make lifestyle changes to improve your appearance and health for a lifetime.

21 Day Detox Program

Our 21 Day Detox Program helps cleanse the body of toxins that we continually take in due to our ever increasing exposure to them in the modern world. The symptoms of taking in these toxins vary, but one major one could be weight gain. The program consists of diet recommendations and whole food supplements to aid the body in ridding itself of toxins. Patients are also given access to acupuncture as well as supportive tracking / counseling and patient education.

Ultrasonic Liposuction and Micro-Current Body Reshaping

Ultrasonic liposuction is a non-invasive weight loss procedure in which ultrasonic waves break down concentrated pockets of fatty tissue allowing the body to naturally expel them. We combine the treatment with micro-current body reshaping which helps to tone and re-educate the muscles beneath while also reducing the appearance of cellulite. For a little more detail, please refer to our beauty & anti-aging section.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

(Allow 60 minutes) A safe, non-invasive method of weight-loss that does not require any down-time, scarring, or bruising. The treatment consists of three phases. In phase one, we run an ultrasonic paddle over areas of concentrated fatty deposit to crack the adipose (fatty tissue) under the surface. In phase two, we use a radio frequency wave paddle over the same area(s) to melt or liquefy the fatty tissue, which is then naturally expelled from the body. In phase three, we finish by using micro-currents to tone and reshape t