The TrueCare Wellness story started about 20 years ago; I was a chronic migraine sufferer who had tried everything conventional medicine had to offer. The medical doctors’ solution was to put me on heavier and heavier pain medication. The side effects were almost as bad as the migraines themselves. In desperation, I tried chiropractic care for the first time in my forties. After three treatments, I was headache free and have remained so ever since. My fascination with alternative health care became an obsession. At age 55 I decided to enroll at National University of Health Sciences to study chiropractic medicine, much to the surprise of my friends and family. I had been a teacher, a counselor, an attorney and a business-woman – nothing remotely focused on medicine or science. My husband, Tom, however, delighted in telling his friends that his wife was a college freshman.

The premise of TrueCare Wellness is quite simple: focus on and delight our patients with personalized care in a beautiful and energetically healing setting. We want to revolutionize the healthcare experience from large, impersonal waiting rooms, long waits and rushed treatments focused only on symptoms, to a relaxing, enjoyable, personalized and rejuvenating healing experience for all the senses. From the moment the patient enters the office, we will address total wellness, not just “sick care”.

At TrueCare Wellness, we approach health care in a natural, comprehensive, evidence-based manner utilizing continually evolving methodologies. We understand that each patient is complex, and the various mechanisms of multiple interactive energy systems have great healing benefits, particularly with chronic conditions.

Our primary focus is to enhance every patient’s state of health and personal well-being. We define wellness as a state in which a human body functions at an optimal level of integration between the elements of body, mind and spirit.


The goal of TrueCare Wellness is to reestablish the foundation of health as soon as the patient enters our office. We have utilized unique design features throughout the office to promote an atmosphere of positive healing energy. Live plants and flowers are placed throughout the office to cleanse the air and reconnect our patients to nature. Original artwork is displayed on the walls. Relaxing music and natural aromatherapy promotes a stress-free, relaxing environment. The ambiance is one of a peaceful, Zen-like spa, as opposed to a traditional medical or chiropractic office.

One of the most notable differences in our environment is our limited waiting room. It is our intent not to have patients wait. As compared to traditional medical or chiropractic offices where patients often sit and wait on uncomfortable chairs for extended periods of time (tightening up and feeling worse than when they entered), our patients encouraged to receive vibratory therapy to help them feel relaxed and refreshed. Green teas and water are available to allow our patients to hydrate their bodies and feel energized. Patients are treated as welcomed guests, whose needs are attended to and time is respected. With our vast variety of services available, patients are transitioned smoothly from service to service. We are thrilled to have our patients with us, and we want them to feel that appreciation the minute they step into our office.