Dr. Cynthia T. Carey – Founder and Director of TrueCare Wellness

Cynthia T. Carey, JD, DC, ACN
Cynthia T. Carey, JD, DC, ACNNBCE Exam Certified in Acupuncture

Dr. Carey is the Founder of Truecare Wellness, a wellness program that is recognized nationwide and is passionate about educating her community about health and wellness.  Dr. Carey continues graduate studies in functional endocrinology, health, blood chemistry, physiology and nutrition.

Dr. Carey began her chiropractic/acupuncture career in 2012 opening her practice in El Paso, TX, after receiving her doctorate from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL.

Prior to that, Dr. Carey was a teacher, an attorney and a business executive.  She was also a severe migraine headache sufferer.  After receiving complete relief of her headaches following six visits with a chiropractic acupuncturist in Arizona at age 45, Dr. Carey decided to change her life path by entering chiropractic college at age 55.  She graduated from NUHS at age 60 with honors.