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How to manage the holidays while on your “Health Hero” Program.

Okay – we all know the holidays are fast upon us. You are making great progress becoming your own “Health Hero” – repairing and rebuilding your body naturally to allow for maximum restoring of self-healing. WHAT about the holidays???? Let me share a quick story with you; I have had clients who spent 3 weeks


People are finally beginning to recognize the importance of gut health.  Not only has poor gut health been directly linked to obesity, depression and numerous autoimmune diseases, but studies have also now linked gut health to hypertension. I tell people at my free dinner seminars that you have approximately 70 trillion cells.  However, you have

TEFF – The Gluten Free Super Grain

Teff, a cereal grain grown mostly in Eritrea and Ethiopia, has been used for many centuries in African and Arabian countries but has only begun gaining popularity in the USA in recent years. Health benefits of Teff include: GLUTEN SENSITIVITY - Teff is gluten-free, making it a good alternative grain for people who have gluten