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What’s New in Nutrition?

Did you know that:   Fat cells produce estrogen Fat cell are an endocrine organ Only 5% of cancers are genetic Whole foods such as garlic, beets, cruciferous vegetables and soluble fiber can stabilize your DNA Whole foods can affect DNA expression Poor liver function can cause cancer Breast cancer can be averted Growth Hormone

Gut Reconditioning Program

PHASE 1: · ZYPAN [1 Large bottle, 330 tabs, $43.00] – 2 tablets 3x/day with or without food · ENZYCORE [1 Large bottle, 150 capsules, $33.00] – 2 capsules 3x/ day with or without food · AF BETAFOOD [1 Large bottle, 360 tabs, $47.00] – 2 tablets 3x/ day with or without food · OKRA

Dietary Guidelines

1. Eat whole, fresh, unprocessed, natural foods in the 30 – 40% protein/ 30 – 40% healthy fat/ 20 – 40% carbohydrate ratio. If you are insulin resistant in any way, the ratio is 40-40-20. If you have NO insulin resistance [I doubt that if you live in the USA] you can increase the carbs