While extrinsic motivation is not necessarily a bad thing, it is intrinsic motivation that most effectively encourages and sustains action. People like to feel effective, competent, and authentic. Understanding your strengths and limitations, and believing in yourself as capable and confident are huge parts of taking control in decision-making and self-regulation. ? Here are 8 essential skills to practice to ensure you are seizing the day and taking control of your own life:

1. Choice Making. This is your ability to express your preference between two or more options.
2. Decision Making. Similar to choice making, this skill requires effective judgments about what choices or solutions are right at any given moment, including weighing probability and consequences.
3. Problem-Solving. Here you must identify the problem, possible solutions, and understand the potential pros and cons of each solution. ?
4. Goal Setting and Attainment. These are critical skills for development of abilities and creating authentic action.
5. Self-Regulation. This is the process by which people incorporate behavioral change into their everyday lives and can include: self-observation, evaluation, and reinforcement.
6. Self-Advocacy. Your ability to express your needs and wants.
7. Positive Self-Efficacy. This is you encouraging yourself to believe in your ability to perform and achieve goals.
8. Self-Awareness. These skills allow you to identify and understand your needs, strengths, and limitations.

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