Do you lack joy or feel depressed?  Fight depression by bringing JOY to others.  Do you feel unloved and unfriended?  Your best remedy is to act in love and be a friend to others.  Are you angry or anxious?  Your best remedy is to generate peace.  Whatever negative attitudes and emotions trouble you, seek ways to generate the opposite, healthy attitudes and emotions.

Research has shown that positive attitudes and emotions improve mental health, longevity, cardio-vascular health and recovery from surgery.  People who handle stress better have lower levels of inflammation and a stronger immune system.  Positive attitudes dramatically improve healing.  “When a person can focus on something other than illness, it allows the body to take advantage of our own healing capacity,” says Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School.

On the other hand, people who cultivate a fear of anything from car accidents to cancer make themselves more vulnerable to the very thing they fear.  A positive, confident attitude will get you and keep you out of trouble.

My experience in functional wellness has convinced me that every attitude and emotion has a direct impact on health, for good or bad.  I have seen how resentment and bitterness are related to gallbladder and liver illnesses.  Fear seems to be related to kidney dysfunction, internalized anger and stress seem to contribute to problems of arthritis, internalized shame, guilt, apathy, grief, anxiety, stress, and hate are all like poison to the body.

Thankfully you can strengthen your health by replacing negative attitudes with positive ones.  Picture the new you that you want to become.  DESIRE, BELIEVE AND BECOME!!

We believe EVERYONE’S health can be:  repaired, rebuilt, restored.  Your body is self-healing with the right support – We just clear the path for you.  If you are interested in learning more – please attend one of our FREE dinner seminars or visit our website.