Once upon a time, there was a nice person named [insert your name] who was suffering from [insert your symptoms – headaches, exhaustion, brain fog, depression, weight gain, muscle and joint pain, stomach issues, constipation….. whatever….].

Now this nice person had been suffering from these symptoms for [weeks, months, years?] a long time. He/she had been to multiple doctors, had tried multiple pharmaceuticals, had been on-line studying with “Doctor Google” – but still no real or lasting improvements. This nice person was becoming discouraged that he/she would ever get better. He/she was afraid that they would get worse and eventually become a burden to someone they love. This is not how they had once pictured their life; becoming fat, sick and depressed…..

What the nice person needed was a hero……. Someone to save him/her from this life of increasing fatness, sickness, and depression…. Or did he/she? What if a nice person could become his/her own hero? What if he/she had the power to repair, rebuild, restore his or her own health? Self-heal?

But the problem is – even if he/she could believe this to be true – he/she didn’t know how to go about repairing, rebuilding and restoring his/her health. The nice person had been told that the only way to get healthy was to follow the conventional system of insurance and more and more pills…… The nice person didn’t know how to REALLY improve his/her health…… The nice person was losing hope.

What does every hero need? I mean, think about it – in every movie, in every good story, the hero faces a crisis that he/she doesn’t know how to overcome. The odds are overwhelming. The enemy is strong. The results for failure are DOOM.

The nice person keeps hoping for someone to come rescue him/her – but the truth is – HE/SHE is the hero of his/her own story. In reality – YOU are your hero. You may have a health problem – you have been diagnosed with something icky – it scares you and makes you feel rotten. You want this problem to GO AWAY – but you don’t know what to do. You have tried many things, nothing works….. Just like Luke Skywalker had to meet Yoda to learn how to become a Jedi – You need to meet your own guide who will help you learn how to become the hero of your own health and life.

Can you imagine your life with improved health? If you knew what to do to be in the best health possible? How to take control of your health and your life? And all of this could be done naturally? What would it be like to start 2020 is a new sense of knowledge and confidence that you could really turn things around? Sound too good to be true?

For those of you who live in the El Paso area – we invite you to come to one of our FREE dinner seminars.

You can call 915-587-4600 for more information. For those of you who do not live in the El Paso area – you can call and request a short webinar giving you more information on what is possible.

As Yoda would say “The Force is strong within you!”