“How are you keeping up with your New Years’ Resolutions? 

It’s about that time of year when your best “”new year, new me”” intentions begin to lose steam. ? Don’t get discouraged! Here’s your sign to recommit and take charge.
? If you’re having some trouble with where to start, here are 4 helpful tips on how to keep the New Year motivation ALIVE:

1. Make sure your goal is DEFINED. Write it down, quantify it, so you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Get a special chart or journal to write down your goal daily so you can visually keep track.
2. Think about your WHY. Why did you choose this specific goal and why do you have to achieve it now? Expressing why it is so important to you will only inspire you to keep going.
3. Consistency is key. Just because you go hard at the beginning of the year, that does not mean you are invested for the long term. Rome was not built in a day, and change will not happen if you don’t stay committed. “”Consistency is more important than intensity.””
4. Give yourself GRACE. This is the most important! You are human and it is normal to have setbacks. If you fall off the wagon, simply get back up and try again. Remember, if it is not challenging, then it isn’t changing you.

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