Okay – we all know the holidays are fast upon us. You are making great progress becoming your own “Health Hero” – repairing and rebuilding your body naturally to allow for maximum restoring of self-healing. WHAT about the holidays????

Let me share a quick story with you; I have had clients who spent 3 weeks in Paris, France. They drank wine at lunch and dinner, ate pastries, had cream sauce covering their entrees……… and they still managed to loose 10 pounds during their vacation. How is that possible???

I tell my clients that you have approximately 70 trillion cells. The smallest component of a cell is energy. You are BIO-ENERGETIC!!!!! We are all just balls of energy bouncing around each other…… attracting and repealing….

The great thing about being so energetic – when we are doing activities that give us joy, purpose, excitement – our energy increases. We bounce around at a higher frequency. When we are with people we love, have fun with, truly enjoy – the same thing happens – we have lighter, brighter energy. This is why it’s so much fun to be around happy, outgoing people – we feel a definite attraction, we feel their light, bright energy.

The opposite is true; when we are bogged down by rules, demands, pain, obligations, conflict, anxiety, depression – our energy decreases. We become heavy, slow, low…… we feel dark, hopeless, helpless….. We repeal people – no one wants to hang out with low energy.

So – the best way to approach the holiday season is with joy, gratitude, love, kindness, anticipation, friendship, patience…… emit the highest energy possible. Do what brings you happiness, purpose, passion. Eliminate the negative to the where ever and whenever you can. You can put your “must-do, cannot do, have to do” on hold to the degree possible and just dwell in your love, purpose, passion, happiness, and community.

You know what healthy eating and living consist of – so do that – healthy fats, healthy proteins, veggies and fruit – however – JUST ENJOY.

You now know how to get “back on track” – You have GOT THIS. Shine on your glorious being, you!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year. We look forward to serving you all in 2020!!!!