This is sad but true!  I just don’t think people believe that lifestyle change can make the difference – but we see it change lives everyday.
I once had a conversation with a cardiologist.  He asked me how I was able to get people to make lifestyle changes since he knew that was a better option than medication.  My answer stunned him.  I told him it was because he suggested medication was an option.  
If I’m given the option to take a simple pill everyday or have to make lifestyle changes and my doctor has poorly informed me as if they produce the same results, it’s a lot easier to take a medication.  
If the doctors would tell the truth – that medications can NOT fix the cause of the problem and therefore don’t produce any long-term change in the outcome [speaking of chronic disease and not acute illness], I believe more people would choose to make the lifestyle change so they wouldn’t have to experience the poor quality of life that our country has now accepted as just growing old.  It breaks my heart when I see people miss out on what life has to offer in the golden years because people have been fooled into believing they couldn’t have done anything about it.  
YOU have the power to change your lifestyle [diet, gut repair and stress management] and experience the quality of life that most people dream of – instead of ending your life in a poor state of health and feeling like a burden.  
Make the choice TODAY to get on a new path towards a healthy lifestyle and you won’t regret it!!!!