Let’s be honest, most of our potential clients have 4 main problems.
1.  Many patients have either no health education or have health information from non-credible sources – they are undereducated about what healthy living really means.
2.  More often then not, it’s their lifestyle choices and habits that are making them sick – in other words, poor health habits.
3.  Unfortunately, most potential clients are clueless as to what the underlying cause of their symptoms or illness is.  They don’t know why they are sick.
4.  They are generally on a downward spiral, getting sicker because they are not treating the root cause.
We believe that any approach that doesn’t address all 4 problems is incomplete.  The client may not know about all of these 4 problems, but they do expect to get better by working with a health practitioner.  In order for our clients to reach their health goals, they need to go through a journey to address all 4 of these problems.  That’s where WE come in – with our comprehensive wellness program.
We address these 4 problems by providing 4 solutions into 1 package.
1.  We solve the problem of under-educated about healthy living by providing on-line video education – so clients gain the knowledge they need to get better.
2.  We solve the problem of poor health habits with our coaching and mentoring from Dr. Carey and her team members, Karla, Joann, Aniza and Angie.  We mentor our clients on diet, exercise, environment, sleep, hydration, relaxation, positive outlooks, and positive social lives.
3.  We work on the cause of sickness by providing comprehensive functional testing and consultations.  The result is clients become clear about the potential cause of their symptoms.
4.  Finally, we treat the root cause of their problems by providing professional-grade supplements, and our specialty treatments.  This provides patients the care they deserve.
It is our goal to deliver the “Perfect Patient Experience” so that every client who joins has everything they need to be successful!!!!