People are finally beginning to recognize the importance of gut health.  Not only has poor gut health been directly linked to obesity, depression and numerous autoimmune diseases, but studies have also now linked gut health to hypertension.

I tell people at my free dinner seminars that you have approximately 70 trillion cells.  However, you have 10 times that amount of bacteria in your gut – in essence, we are more bacteria than human.  Our gut bacteria can be protective, neutral or pathogenic.  Obviously we want our gut bacteria to be protective.  Ideally, good bacteria should outweigh the bad bacteria by about six times.  But many people are walking around with a gut full of too many harmful bacteria and not enough of the good guys.  How does this ratio become skewed?

There are a few ways our gut bacteria can become unhealthy.  Let’s start with the most obvious – antibiotics.

Most of us have taken at least one round of antibiotics in our life and many of us have been on antibiotics more than once.  While antibiotics can be helpful by killing off the BAD bacteria, they also kill off the good bacteria at the same time.  If, after your round of antibiotics, you don’t replenish your gut with good bacteria – or Probiotics – your gut will most likely become populated with bad bacteria that lurks everywhere.

A poor diet can also wipe out the good guys.  Sugar feeds the bad bacteria.  Constipation also feeds the bad bacteria.  When this happens you begin to feel sluggish and unhealthy.  Chronic stress can lead to changes in your gut microbiome.  Mental or physical stress tends to slow down movement in the small intestine, which in turn encourages an overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

The bottom line is, if you take care of your gut, it will take care of you.  If you suffer from high blood pressure, obesity, depression, or auto-immune disease and are looking for natural ways to improve your gut health, please join us at one of our upcoming free dinner seminars.  We can help you clean up your diet, find ways to deal with stress and help your body self-heal with natural support.

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