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The Risks of Treating Diabetes with Drugs

I have just added a Diabetes 2 free dinner seminar into our rotation. These talks are exciting because the chance to prevent and even reverse Type 2 Diabetes is so tangible! However, my experience is that a lot of diabetics think as long as they take their medication, they’ll be just fine. However, a new

Magnesium is more effective than antidepressants for depression!

Whenever I review a Blood Chemistry Analysis Functional Health Report with one of our Wellness members, I am always keenly aware of their Magnesium level. I LOVE Magnesium and here are just a few reasons why: 1. Magnesium is required for the healthy function of most cells, especially your heart, kidneys and muscles. 2. Low

Type 2 Diabetes: How it Develops and Manifests

It always amazes me when I have a potential wellness member consultation where they indicate they are pre-diabetic or full-blown type 2 diabetic – and they don’t seem overly concerned about that condition. They don’t really feel anything, they may be on medication, and that’s enough for them. This is beyond alarming!!! Type 2 diabetes