CLARITY DIRECT NEUROFEEDBACK is like a reset button that frees the brain.

Neuroscientists believe that the brain’s defenses against stressors and trauma create gridlock and the nervous system gets stuck in dysfunctional patterns.

Direct Neurofeedback gently removes these blockages. Clarity allows the brain to “reboot” itself and exit those stuck, frozen patterns.

While ADD, anxiety, depression and concussion all have different causes, the end result is frozen, stuck neuronal patterns. Unlike traditional neurofeedback [where you train your brainwaves] Clarity Direct Neurofeedback requires no effort.

A very tiny and imperceptible signal, specific for you, goes from the neurofeedback amplifier back to your brain.

That signal causes a slight fluctuation in your brainwaves and allows your brain to get out of frozen, stuck patterns.

Symptoms that might benefit from Clarity Direct Neurofeedback include;

  • Anxiety & PTSD – Clarity diminishes “fight or flight” as the nervous system becomes less reactive
  • Depression – mood may feel uplifted, energy and motivation may return
  • Impulse control, panic attacks and rage – with a less reactive nervous system, there may be fewer and less explosive eruptions
  • Addiction – much of addiction is self-medication for anxiety and depression.  With a reduction in the symptoms of anxiety and depression, abstinence may become much easier
  • ADD and ADHD – clients may experience less distractibility and more concentration and focus
  • Concussions – headaches may diminish and concentration may return.